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Spirit World - Deathwestern

Spirit World - Deathwestern

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"Like Pagan Rhythms before it, DEATHWESTERN is a concept album, with both musical and thematic continuity across its tracklist. Sometimes it feels like the record is not built from individual songs so much as movements within a gory symphony that owes as much to Slayer as Cormac McCarthy. A lot of people had a hand in its creation — longtime producer Sam Pura, whose name finds its way into “Purafied In Violence”; a crew of bandmates including Folsom’s brother Nick Brundy; guest shredding from a cast of guitarists for acts ranging from Black Dahlia Murder to Kim Petras(!); even an appearance by Dwid Hellion of kindred spirits Integrity on a song called “Moonlit Torture & Genital Mutilation”(!!) — yet its strengths and quirks all flow from Folsom’s enraptured expertise. This guy spent something like 20 years seeking the truest manifestation of his passions. He’s found it. With DEATHWESTERN, we now get to step inside Folsom’s mind and behold his singular twisted vision. We just might not leave with all our limbs." - Stereogum



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